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In this day in age with the advancement of technology, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for jobseekers to find work with the amount of competition they’re facing. The average live job receives around 250 applications and some even reach into the 1,000s. With the recruitment industry changing, how people approach their job search needs to change too. As recruiters we know exactly what hiring managers look for so we’ve created some posts to inspire your creativity when if comes to your job search. 

Below are free guides to help you with your job search. If however, you would like one to one coaching, support and mentoring then please head to our online career platform. Here you’ll find step by step guides, tutorials, illustrations and easy to follow videos  that will put you on the road to success, click here to find out more

Make opentowork work for you

Make #opentowork work for you!

Are hiring managers viewing your profile but you are still waiting for them to send a message? Changing one simple setting can make the difference, here’s how..

Be the Headline Act

Social media presence is a very important part of, not only our personal lives but our professional lives too.  We

Success Story

We’ve been getting some great success stories coming in which we wanted to share with you.  Alain came to us

How to deal with rejection

We often compare Interviews with Dating, apparently therapists also believe that being jilted by a prospective employer can lead us


3 Words to Avoid

This may surprise you but when going through job applications nearly everyone says exactly the same thing in their introduction.

What do employers want?

You have an initial (roughly) 8 second window of opportunity. This is a typical CV Summary, part of the 8

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We’re currently in midst of the worst recession any of us have lived During a recession what do you need?


 Do you feel beaten by your job search? You are not the only one! Searching for jobs is exhausting and

Luke’s Story

In this most troubling of times, many of us are facing redundancy or at least an incredibly uncertain future. I


Let it go

A successful job search hinges around one main factor, how are you going to stand out amongst your competition? I

Job Search Package

Successful Search

WANT TO LEARN HOW TO CONDUCT A SUCCESSFUL JOB SEARCH? Times have changed A LOT in my recruitment career and

Make YOU shine!

Changing or finding a job is hard however your approach to this situation will change your outcome FOREVER If you

How to create a great CV

A great CV

Job Seekers who can’t land the job they want are in search of this ever elusive “CV format” or “Template”

Hard knocks Academy Insta

Hard Knock Life

It’s been a while since I’ve written an article and well, what can you say about this year?! You’re either not doing so well or doing ridiculously well and I commend those individuals for their life choices.

Hot Topics with Hayley Dyer and Graham Armstrong

Hot Topics

Whether you’ve been made redundant, furloughed, are out of work, are looking for a job or are uncertain about your


The aForm Show

I had the pleasure of being asked by Alan George of The aForm Show to do a podcast with him

What's in your box

What’s in your box?

We are all multifaceted individuals who have an array of tools for each eventuality in our lives whether it’s to


Only 1 day away

Only 1 day away from changing your future… We all look to our idols to fulfil our fantasies be it

Personal Branding

We all know that job searching is harder than ever before especially if you don’t know how to stand out

Career Course Walkthrough

View our video and to take a walkthrough out new career course platform In this videos we have given a walk

Portfolio tips

Portfolio Tips

AE Recruitment receives emails containing architectural and design portfolios on a daily basis, we’ve seen a lot of good examples