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We get asked on an hourly/daily basis if we will write someone’s CV for them

Do you know what our response is?


It might sound harsh but I’d like to explain our rationale 

No one is better at telling your story than YOU!!!!

Your choice of words are a direct reflection of who you are and how you feel.

The reader will be able to ascertain your mood, how you feel about you, your colleagues, your job, whether you liked your boss.. to be honest, you name it, they’ll know it!

Wouldn’t you prefer knowing this before you are blind-sighted at interview stage?! 

If I was to write your CV for you there would be no gain whatsoever to YOU, hence why I don’t agree with CV writers! ❌ 

See, for “me”, when someone learns how to put together a CV properly something incredible happens….

“Belief!” ❤️

They recall what they’ve done to get to “this” point.

They take a moment to reflect on their journey, the ups the downs, the incredible achievements they’ve made.

In that moment of suspension their self-worth is realised!

They stand a bit taller!

Their chin is a bit higher!

All of a sudden they know “I HAVE done this!”



No one else can write your past better than you and no one else is going to get you through the interview stage but YOU

Learning what your strengths are and how to present them is invaluable, if you don’t know what 

Once you learn what your strengths are and how to present them it prepares you for the interview stage ahead

So, “will I write your CV?”?… No

“Own your story, own your future” – Hayley Dyer

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