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Changing jobs can be a scary time for anyone, so congratulations on making the first move, it is something to be proud of. Finding a job is hard work, especially when the competition is fierce and you are not getting the response you were hoping for. To be successful in your job search it is crucial to have the right strategy and that is where career coaching comes in. A well-built and relevant CV, LinkedIn and Introduction has a far bigger impact and gets you noticed amongst your competition.

We want you to have the best chance possible of finding a job, as quickly as possible because that is what it is about, right? Recruiters are trained on how to maximize results in the minimum time frame, so we have applied the same techniques to our courses. We help you to find your voice and inject life and personality into your CV and LinkedIn profiles to help you construct the best version of you!

Welcome to the start of an exciting journey taking invaluable steps to help you succeed in your search.

job search solutions

We have designed tailor-made courses just for you. Whether you are just looking to design a show-stopping CV or carve a successful career for yourself. Choose your bundle, start immediately and get on the road to finding your dream job.

Individual courses

We have put together individual courses so that you can tackle your job search quickly and effectively, learning everything about the recruitment process and what hiring managers look for. It’s not all about your CV! These individually designed courses will empower you in your job search process and prepare you for those awkward questions at interview stage. 

CV Services

If you are short of time, let our experts do the work for you. These services have a 24 hour turn around time from initial consultation.

Job search bundles

We understand the extreme benefits to learning how to go about your job search. The skills that you will learn in our job search bundles will turn you into a money making machine for your future employer. These skills will enable you to circumnavigate your career into a more rewarding future.



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What our clients have to say

Here from individuals who have learnt skills to approach their job search completely differently and change their lives!

Alain Chettiar
Alain Chettiar
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I have been the last few weeks reading a gargantuan amount of blogs and articles – which have been useful to some extent, but this course has brought me a different insight to CV content. It never occurred to me that simple choices (in the likes of job titles; buzzwords; and whatnot) could actually be bringing me down in the actual job search war. This course has offered me an interesting outtake that I am very excited to try out!
*UPDATE* I already secured a job and I still have people reaching out to me with offers. So things are looking brighter 😁 It’s all happening because of your help – since they don’t use ATS back home my (our) CV is making an impression haha. I cannot thank you enough for that!
Ahmed Mohammed
Ahmed Mohammed
Graphic Designer
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AE Academy inspired me to think differently about myself, my job search, and my materials. It's no longer a mystery and I'm already carving my career the way I want. I'm finally in control of my own future. My fate isn't in anyone else's hands anymore, it's up to me.
Saeed Kayyani
Saeed Kayyani
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Would you recommend this course? "Absolutely! My mind is famously chaotic and 'all over the place' among my social circle, so planning and organizing my thoughts and actions in this journey was, honestly, incredibly difficult and draining. Obviously, I was incredibly frustrated throughout. If Hayley was able to help someone like me out, then I'm confident that she'll work miracles for others.

I never would have guessed on my own that the way I was presenting myself to potential firms needed… adjustments. I feel a lot more focused on what my brand is, showcasing skills/accomplishments for what they are, and how to approach potential firms! I don’t expect jobs to fall in my lap, but I have a much better grasp of what I should be doing"
Nwabisa Madyibi
Nwabisa Madyibi
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If 5 out of 5 stars was a person. It would be undoubtably be Hayley.
Rodrique Thomas CA(SA)
Rodrique Thomas CA(SA)
Assistant Manager at KPMG UK
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“In one of your communications you mentioned that "what you learned from your professor, to prepare you for the job market, with regards to CV writing, would not work in getting that position". I totally agree with that. For a very long time i have written my CV where it seems that i am desperate for a job. I was looking at it from an employee mindset. You've tried to hammer home, that i need to see myself as a business of one and that's what my CV should reflect. To be honest i was a bit skeptical until i saw the final product. My CV went from desperation to "these are my skills, this is what i have to offer, when can i start". So yes Hayley's advice has assisted quite a lot, not just in terms of the CV being awesome. It also gave me the confidence to accentuate my strengths and boast about it (without arrogance of course). Since that CV i have been invited for interviews to a few high profile positions, hopefully they will stream in, so i can have more options to choose from. I would definitely recommend Hayley to anyone looking into CV writing. She's that voice you don't want to hear, as we are so conformed to social norms. But i can definitely say that she will be the one that can get you the results you want. Team Hayley all the way”