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As recruiters, we used to re-write and tailor every applicant’s CV to the job they applied to. The advancement of technology means that recruiters who used to get around 25 applications to a job, now get on average 750!! With that kind of figure, you can understand why it is no longer feasible to tailor everyone’s CV. That is where AE Academy comes in!!! Provide us with your current CV, details of the job you are applying to and we shall create not only a great, eye-catching CV, we will also tailor your CV to the job you want.

NOTE: If we do not think you are suitable for the job you want us to tailor your CV to, you will receive your money back in full!

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Recruiters know that hiring managers can often get overwhelmed with the amount of information job seekers include in their CV. Provide us with the vacancy you are applying to and we shall tailor your CV to that specific job, ensuring a 34% higher hit rate than if you were to send the same CV to every job you apply to.

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We will get your new CV back to you within 24 hours of receiving your information. Hayley personally reviews every CV so if this product showed “Out of Stock” please message directly for future availability

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Commonly Asked Questions

Once you have selected the CV rewrite, you have two options;
1. Log into the career platform to answer questions, choose your CV template and upload your documents.
2. We will send you an email with a word document for you to update and send back. 

Once we receive your details we shall come back to you within 24 hours. Remember the 1st CV very rarely gets hired so you have time, there’s no panic. It’s more important you send the right message to the hiring manager. 

This product is just for  individuals looking for a CV. If you would like further help we suggest you review our job search bundles so that you can learn from the experts how to find jobs that are never advertised on the web.

We will provide all the tools you need so that you can take control of your own job search. The cornerstone of AE Academy is empowerment which puts you in the driving seat, making your own choices and directing your own career as well as strengthening your personal brand to achieve inbound interest in you. No one is better at telling your story than you!

The free coaching is at the end of the programme so that we can maximise the benefits to you. The course is structured so that we are able to assess the information you have retained by comparing your “before and after” results. From there we can tailor our 1 hour coaching session specifically to you and your needs. 

We will call you to gain further insights and to ask a series of questions so that we can build a CV for you. After our initial call please allow 24 hrs for us to come back to you with your new CV. 


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