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A successful job search hinges around one main factor, how are you going to stand out amongst your competition?

I had interesting discussions with my followers on LinkedIn a few weeks back listening to their view on why some job seekers reply “interested” to posts on LinkedIn when they’re not even suitable for the position. There are many variables especially in the times we find ourselves in, fear, desperation, lack of understanding about how to use LinkedIn and laziness are 5 factors that were repetitively mentioned

That week I sent out messages to over 350 people who wanted to sign up to AE Marketplace. I wanted to spend some 1-2-1 time with job seekers who wanted to sign up and advertise their details on AE Marketplace. (If you’d like to know more DM me but for now, please read on)

Now, let me explain how I presented “Marketplace” to everyone. For me, it was an initiative to get people back into work as quickly as possible. I gave guidelines, a video explanation and questions to answer to help job seekers present themselves to employers as best they can. How many people listened out of 350? 12!!!! Just 12!

I can’t tell you how shocked I was. These are some of the examples I received:

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How do you think an employer is EVER going to pick you for a position if you fill in applications like this?

I picked these particular 3 for a reason. If you read their CVs an employer would definitely interview them.. in actual fact the person in the last profile I have found a job for TWICE!!! Would I pick her with what she put in that advert? Absolutely NO WAY! The funny thing is, all 3 of these individuals didn’t even make use of the “Career Summary” which was their opportunity to sell themselves. It was their time to take steal the show and wipe the floor with their competition…. did they even show up? Nope

I’m showing you these for a reason

Not to shoot anyone down because guaranteed no one will remotely recognise these amazing people.. there’s no way you would know who they are or what their expertise may be, reading these profiles

I’m showing you to make you realise.

YOU are given opportunities EVERY-SINGLE-DAY, with EVERY-SINGLE-APPLICATION.. do you recognise it? NO!!!

It’s so infuriating

Stop blaming everyone else and do something about it!!!

Would you show up to a marathon race and give excuses that you came 1st in 1986 so, therefore, you deserve the medal today? No!

Would you turn up to an audition and say that you were an extra in “gone with the wind” so now you deserve the leading part? No!

Would you turn up to an interview, watching all your peers moving into directorships and automatically think you will be moving up the ladder? No!

So, moving on… where should you start today?

Put all those expectations, excuses, grief, heartache, sadness and whatever emotion you feel in a box. If it makes you feel better, write every single grievance on a piece of paper and BURN IT (haha, that actually made me think of Tina Turner “burn, baby burn, disco infernooooo”).

Let those emotions go!

I mean it too, if you’re sitting there getting really angry at the world, friends, family, “china” (joke), just this crazy situation then write it all down. It’s no good to you bottling it up.

And sing ……….

“Let it go, let it go

Can’t hold it back anymore

Let it go, let it go

Turn away and slam the door

I don’t care what they’re going to say

Let the storm rage on

The cold never bothered me anyway”


My whole point is, those emotions are holding YOU back from achieving greatness

I want you to achieve

I want you to wake up tomorrow and say “Ah see ya later the old me, I’m off to achieve greatness today”

Whether that “greatness” is going to the gym, getting out of bed, feeling good for a few hours or really giving life a good sucker punch to the guts and telling him/her “f you”, I’m taking control of my life today. It doesn’t matter to me how big or how small, all that matters to me is that you do it!

Don’t let you and yourself down by some shoddy, half-arsed application form. That is NOT YOU!

You deserve greatness!! So treat yourself that way, don’t let yourself down by some lame excuse for an application form again, please

You’re amazing, let’s hear about it!

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