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Only 3% of applications ever make it to the interview stage, why? Your summary is the gateway that sets the scene for the rest of your CV. Employers and Recruiters look for slightly different content in your CV however two factors remain the same,  they both have to scan hundreds of applications and they both read your summary. Good people are often overlooked because they’re not able to articulate their strengths, their added value or what they can bring to a business, so the content of your summary could be the make or break of the reader viewing the rest of your CV.
We have put this FREE course together as an introduction to our paid CV Writing Course which you have the option to take at the end, also once you have learnt how to put an eye-catching summary together you have an option to advertise your profile on AE Recruitment’s Marketplace page where employers go to search for available staff.

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By the end of this this course you will:

  • Write a winning summary.
  • Gain FREE signup to AE Marketplace and advertise your profile to potential employers
  • Grab an employers attention and leave them wanting to know more

If you’re sending out hundreds of applications with no response that’s an instant sign your CV isn’t working for you however most people wouldn’t know how to approach CV Writing. Schools have been teaching students the same method for years which means that every CV looks and sound the same and in this competitive job seeking market it’s only the CVs that look different from the rest are the ones that stand out and get noticed. A live vacancy receives an average of 250 applications, so it makes sense to learn how to tailor your CV so that you stand out, right?! There are currently thousands of templates online however they are outdated and don’t teach you how to give a positive impression from the outset. This CV Writing course has been put together by recruiters to teach job seekers exactly what recruitment teams and employers look for both in layout and content.

At AE Recruitment we strongly advise against using CV Writers for many reasons. One being, you have to keep going back to them to make future tweaks which can be costly. Everyone dealing with recruitment will know you’ve paid a CV Writer and that adds a question mark to the content. You also will not get interviews on the basis you’ve paid hundreds or thousands to a stranger who has no idea about your background. YOU and only you need to learn how to promote yourself and your skills tailoring your CV to specific roles. We want you to to come away from this course understanding your key strengths, abilities and how to present them

The course is split into two the first section concentrates on considerations you need to take into account before constructing your CV and the second part of the course delves deeper into content and layout.

In this CV Writing course we have provided videos and guides to help you construct your CV. There are detailed explanations and insights into what employers and recruiters are expecting to see in your CV. By the end you’ll be able to put together a resume that has visual appeal as well as being engaging for the reader which will make your CV stand out from the crowd

If you want to take it further than just CV Writing, supercharge your job search with either the Employable me or Employable Designer package to give your profiles a complete overhaul. As part of the package you’ll work one on one with a recruiter to fine tune your details and coach you to success. Click here to view the details

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