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Expert Bundle



What you’ll get in the Expert job seekers bundle 

This is the complete A-Z job search package where you’ll not only learn how to tailor your CV to each role you apply to you’ll learn 21st century job search techniques that will get you hired. Coupled with tried and tested successful job search methods and employers feedback we’ve put a complete job search package together for you.
The course takes on average a month to complete however it will depend on how much time you have to dedicate. You will be taken through this series of guides, templates, videos and tutorials with our team who are with you every step of the way to ensure you stay on track for a successful job search. You’ll also gain an invaluable 1-2-1 career coaching session tailored specifically to you

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Job Search Package

Job Search

Now you’ve got an amazing CV and LinkedIn profile we need to find YOU that JOB! Learn how to find the jobs you’re looking for directly from the experts, recruiters! Say goodbye to sending out 1,000s of emails with no response and welcome to the 21st century job search 

One to one coaching on expert and expert designer

1-2-1 Career Coaching

This really is the secret sauce to your job search. We’ll give you 1-2-1 personal career coaching that is completely tailored to YOU. 

  • Unique CV that makes you stand out and is ATS compliant
  • Unique content to your fellow job competitors
  • Present a CV that appeals to employers
  • ATS Compliant CV
  • Download CV Templates
  • CV review, feedback and amendment
  • Optimised LinkedIn to rank higher in searches
  • Learn social etiquette and what works
  • Learn to plan a successful job search
  • Download your Job Search Planner
  • Learn how to find employers contact details and email ids
  • Take a walk through a job search from a recruiters perspective
  • 21st Century Job Search techniques that get you noticed
  • Cover letter suggestions
  • Check list to keep you on track
  • Online support
  • Your own personal 1-2-1 career coach

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What our clients say

“In one of your communications you mentioned that "what you learned from your professor, to prepare you for the job market, with regards to CV writing, would not work in getting that position". I totally agree with that. For a very long time i have written my CV where it seems that i am desperate for a job. I was looking at it from an employee mindset. You've tried to hammer home, that i need to see myself as a business of one and that's what my CV should reflect. To be honest i was a bit skeptical until i saw the final product. My CV went from desperation to "these are my skills, this is what i have to offer, when can i start". So yes Hayley's advice has assisted quite a lot, not just in terms of the CV being awesome. It also gave me the confidence to accentuate my strengths and boast about it (without arrogance of course). Since that CV i have been invited for interviews to a few high profile positions, hopefully they will stream in, so i can have more options to choose from. I would definitely recommend Hayley to anyone looking into CV writing. She's that voice you don't want to hear, as we are so conformed to social norms. But i can definitely say that she will be the one that can get you the results you want. Team Hayley all the way”
Roderique Thomas Testimonial
Rodrique Thomas
System Audit Manager, KPMG