It’s all too easy to fall into the depths of trepidation when you’re told by your current firm they have to let you go. Years ago, before ATS (applicant tracking system) had been invented a technique that recruiters and job seekers used was the “Spray and Pray” technique for their job search. It’s the method of going into rapid fire mode, spraying CVs out everywhere and praying you’ll land a job. While some people get very lucky it’s more likely you’ll only hear silence… like tumbleweeds rolling through the desert in a cowboy & western movie

Why it does not work

  1. It’s impersonal

When a company posts a job online they’re usually flooded with applications and their contact details are obtainable. Someone using the Spray & Pray method collates those email IDs and sends a mass message beginning, “Dear Sirs”, “Dear Madam” or “To Whom it May Concern” and there’s is a 99.9% chance you have not taken the time even to research the company which comes across in the presentation

 2. The ATS (applicant tracking system) beat you

An ATS system is designed to match keywords, among other things, if your CV doesn’t contain the relevant keywords for the position the ATS and bots within the system will recognise this and you won’t even make it to the Recruiters or Hiring Managers to get noticed. 

3. 100s of applications 

Job Seekers who employ the spray and pray technique usually apply for anything and everything whether they’re suitable or not in the hope that something will stick. Before the days of ATS came into the equation there was a chance you may have got lucky but it’s not the case anymore, the ATS system can even be programmed to block future applications if you apply to every job, in the bid to be seen and you won’t even know it

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