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You will benefit from taking the Portfolio Course if you’d like to know:

  • How to construct a design presentation that gets you noticed every time
  • What puts employers off from selecting your portfolio
  • How to appeal to your dream company
  • What employers are looking for in your portfolio
  • How to tailor your portfolio to suit the positions you’re applying to

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By the end of this this course you will:

  • Be able to construct an eye catching portfolio
  • Understand what content should be in your materials and why
  • Learn how to tailor your portfolio to each employer to get recognised
  • Understand how award winning designers lay out their portfolios so you can do the same
  • Appeal to your dream employers

Getting selected for the job you are applying to does not only depend on your CV. The way you present your design materials plays a vital part in the process. A well laid out design presentation is imperative when it comes to the application process if you’re going to be selected for a design led role.

The visual composition can make or break your portfolio. Even if you have worked on amazing projects your presentation skills will be under scrutiny as well as your design skills. Whoever is viewing your details will be able to tell what’s relevant or just a filler. It’s not just about the text or adding flashy images

We have supplied award winning designers to the likes of Killa Design and JT+Partners so we know what top design practices want to see. As part of this course we’ve given a walk through of a design presentation that has received interviews every time AE Recruitment has sent their details out to an employer

We’ve provided videos, examples and guides so that you can tailor your presentation to get the best out of your designs

To supercharge your job search we have also put together an Employable Designer package to give your profiles a complete overhaul. As part of the package you’ll work one on one with a recruiter to fine tune your details and coach you to success. Click here to view the details

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