Stand out don’t blend in

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When it comes to your job search in general we get asked all the time “how do I stand out?”

It’s a culmination aesthetics, content, personality and the ability to capture the reader’s attention

To help answer this question I want to explain it from a marketeers perspective 

Logic rarely gets remembered, however a good marketeer will know that emotion does.

By appealing to the emotional side we don’t mean saying “I have no money and need a job” or “my dog died and I need to pay for vets bills”

We mean to give the reader a feel good factor

So, how does this mean you should your introduction, CV, Linkedin profile and most certainly your LinkedIn and social posts?

Well you should be telling a story, each element should culminate to create a diverse picture of who you are as an individual

Sure, you can’t appeal to every single person in your audience all at the same time. What appeals to one person will not appeal to the next

So change it up

Don’t send the same boring CV to every job

Don’t send the same boring introduction to every prospect

Don’t copy your friends LinkedIn profile knowing full well they don’t get traffic to their profile either

“Be Different!”

The way to speak to people is to speak from the heart

What REALLY interests you?


What makes you want to GET OUT OF BED?

In an age of social media we have to embrace what we have around us

If this pandemic happened 25 years ago most of us would be really screwed without the internet what it is today

Don’t take it for granted, stand up and be counted!

You are unique, stay that way!

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