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First of all, if you are applying to 100’s of jobs with no success, it’s not your fault and you are not alone! Only very well trained recruiters know these techniques, after all that is “their job”, not yours! As recruiters, we know sending one CV to even 1,000s of people will not reap rewards, that’s just not how recruitment works.

We are not just any kind of recruitment consultants! We have received “award winning” internally regulated job search training, which meant “if you do a good job, you keep your job”!…the reality of recruitment. Learn these invaluable skills that you can apply to both your job search and to adding value to your future employer.

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A massive 80% of jobs are never advertised, not only that, only 14% of hires are ever made from a job board like Monster, Indeed, Gulf Talent etc.

We will teach you exactly how to go about finding these jobs and how to approach people to receive a response.

Stage 2


A job search is not about applying to 100s or 1000s of jobs in the hope that just one sticks.

A job search is more than getting a pay check. You need a workplace where you feel inspired and where you can develop personally and professionally. In order to do that you need to find like minded people who create the right environment which gives you the freedom to explore as well as enables development and push boundaries


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As recruiters, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to approaching hiring managers so we’ve put together templates as a guide. Using these templates will give you a 34% increase in your chances of hearing back.

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To stay on top of your job search you need a planner so we’ve provided one with all the details of how to track and plan your search. You’ll be completely in control of your search which will instantly ease any stress you may feel, knowing you’re going in the right direction.


Commonly Asked Questions

Once you have paid for your course, log into the career platform and start a methodical step-by-step process through the lessons and modules. 

The course has been designed to give you all the skills you need to take control of your own career. We encourage our clients to be proactive and we set you targets to ensure success. Your career is personal to you so by teaching you the skills you will be able to direct where your career goes which is far more empowering.

We will advertise your profile on AE Recruitment’s marketplace page and will get creative with you on social media to help you on your journey. 

We will provide all the tools you need so that you can take control of your own job search. The cornerstone of AE Academy is empowerment which puts you in the driving seat, making your own choices and directing your own career as well as strengthening your personal brand to achieve inbound interest in you. No one is better at telling your story than you!

The course itself will take 2 hours but we have also provided a planner that will give you tasks to complete over a month. 

Our students have been winning jobs in as little as a week from the coaching session and we are currently enjoying a 90% success rate. Success, however, will ultimately be driven by you and the energy and time you put into achieving your dream job. 

Please note we are not just teaching you skills to find a job but we are helping you to carve a career for yourself, which takes time and planning.

Simply put, there are ALWAYS jobs out there! Just because it may not look like there’s jobs being advertised doesn’t mean to say there are no jobs at all! We will teach you the same techniques recruiters use to find the 80% of jobs that are never advertised and put together a job search strategy so that you stay on track.


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