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When employers and recruiters go through hundreds and hundreds of applications they’re looking for those CVs that not only tick all the boxes, they’re well presented and are tailored to the vacancy. What happens in reality is that every CV reads exactly the same “highly motivated individual with a proven track record”, so how do they choose from that lot? Well they don’t. They’ll naturally gravitate to the individuals who can effectively articulate their value to a business, show a bit of personality without overwhelming the reader. You are a unique individual so let’s keep your CV that way.

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Grade your LinkedIn on Pro Bundle

Grade your LinkedIn

Find out your true LinkedIn ranking and how you fair against your competition as well as ways to improve it.

Optimise your LinkedIn profile on pro bundle

Optimise your LinkedIn

Linkedin is one of THE most under utilised social media platforms. Out of their 630 million users only 1 million use it for it’s intended purpose. An optimised LinkedIn profile generates inbound job opportunities as well as ranks your profile higher on LinkedIn, Google and other web search sites which all culminates to making it easier for recruiters, HR teams and employers to find you and approach you with positions. We’ll take you on a video tour of how to do this

LinkedIn CheckList on Pro Bundle

LinkedIn checklist

To make it simple for you we have provided a checklist so that you can build your personal brand and direct more traffic and interest to your profile


What our clients say

Hayley's CV and linkedin PRO course gave me the confidence and expertise I needed to put a new version of me onto my resume. Previously thinking my CV was fine (has everything there) but was certainly being overlooked by employers. Hayley’s course taught me my CV needs to stand out. I needed to step back and recognise the strengths of my experience and put these to the forefront! It certainty shouts out to employers now and I’m sending it in all the right directions. I can’t thank Hayley enough for her straight talking honesty and also the confidence she had in me regarding the outcome of the CV. She said “it’ll guarantee to get you'll go places” “it’ll make you unforgettable to employers” She is the CV professional don’t hesitate to sign up and get yourself working in that dream job too!
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Gail Moga
Customer Service Manager, Qantas

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