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Why our courses

Best Instructors

Our instructors have over 60 years combined experience across recruitment, sales & corporate training as well as life coaching

Be Successful

Learn successful recruitment techniques that have been tried and tested for decades. Take control of your own job search

Digital Library

Our recruitment arm researched what employers wanted to see in a CV and have put together templates for you to take the guess work out.

Expert Advisors

Our coaching courses provide you with 1-2-1 advice to help change your mindset towards your job search so you can put your best foot forward

Digital Classroom

Our courses are digitally based so that you can take the courses in your own time via a laptop or mobile, making them incredibly accessable

Events & Meetups

As well as 1-2-1 coaching we hold mass online events and meetups for our academy sign-ups so that you can find out what has worked for other job seekers, like you

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