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We’re currently in midst of the worst recession any of us have lived

During a recession what do you need? “Resilience”!

The thing is, it’s not a behaviour that can be taught, it’s bestowed to individuals with the drive, survive and thrive mentality however it plays an important part in how we recover from the bad things that life throws you.


Recognise current or historic adverse experiences that could negatively effect your wellbeing. Through recognition we begin our journey to change and happiness. Identify the “activating” event or trigger, what are your beliefs or explanation for what happened and what do you do as a consequence?


Positive psychology professor, Martin Seligman – “People who don’t give up have a habit of interpreting setbacks as temporary, local, and changeable”. This frame of mind allows individuals to transform their toughest experiences into “catalysts for improved performance”. 

Neutral Thinking

I read a book recently by Trevor Moawad “It takes what it takes”, he’s coached Navy SEALs, CEOs through to NFL players to win the Super Bowl. What does he teach? “neutral thinking”. If you’re finding positivity difficult remove exposure to negativity and focus on influencing your next action.

It’s very easy in a negative situation to beat ourselves up further by worrying, getting upset or lashing out however we can take steps everyday to a better life with more meaning and purpose if we just give ourselves a moment to stop. Our fast paced lives have meant that we rarely put on the breaks to consider the impact it has. What are you doing today that your future self will thank you for?

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