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Do you feel your CV isn’t doing the job it should? Are you in a position where no one is responding to your applications?

The secret to winning an interview, is tailoring your CV to the jobs you apply to, showing great presentation skills and content that’s full of vibrance!!! Your aim is to make an emotional connection with the hiring manager so they make the choice to choose you for interview.

For this service we will ask you to fill in a number of questions so that we can create a CV that’s a perfect fit for you and the job you are applying to!

Hayley personally reviews and supplies feedback so therefore she can only accept a limited number of CVs. If this product shows “Out of Stock” please message directly for future availability

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Stage 1


CV basics Black and Yellow

You have between 6-12 seconds to impress a hiring manager before they move on to the next application. We’ll teach you exactly how to make the most of those precious seconds by creating an eye-catching CV that leads with excellence!!

Stage 2


Our CV templates have not only been put together off the back of lots of market research, but we have also tried and tested every template with our own ATS system to make sure they are truly 100% ATS friendly. Your details will never end up in the resume black hole again and hiring managers will love them too!

ATS Check and Grade your Linkedin Black and Yellow

stage 3


CV Content

“Content is king” – Bill Gates. He’s not wrong, the majority of CVs read exactly the same “motivated individual with a proven track record..”, if every CV reads the same how does a hiring manager choose? Well, they choose the person who can effectively demonstrate their talent and that’s what this course is all about, identifying your specific unique qualities and piece the pieces of your puzzle together in a way that appeals to the reader.

stage 4


Everyone needs feedback and that’s what we’re here for. Once you send your updated CV over to us we will come back to you within a day of receiving your CV with a re-write. We’ll give you honest written feedback on your CV with improved sentence construction and any suggestions we feel you would benefit from.


Commonly Asked Questions

Once you have chosen your bundle, log into the career platform and start a methodical step-by-step process through the lessons and modules. At the end of the course you’ll be able to book your 1hr 1-2-1 session with one of our experts to fine tune your materials and guide you on to the next stages of your job search.

The course has been designed to give you all the skills you need to take control of your own career. We encourage our clients to be proactive and we set you targets to ensure success. Your career is personal to you so by teaching you the skills you will be able to direct where your career goes which is far more empowering.

We will advertise your profile on AE Recruitment’s marketplace page and will get creative with you on social media to help you on your journey. 

We will provide all the tools you need so that you can take control of your own job search. The cornerstone of AE Academy is empowerment which puts you in the driving seat, making your own choices and directing your own career as well as strengthening your personal brand to achieve inbound interest in you. No one is better at telling your story than you!

Learning how you can tailor your CV to suit the position you are applying for is an invaluable skill which increases the likelihood of being chosen for interviews. Not only that, it mentally prepares you for the road ahead. You will have confidence in your abilities, it will boost your self-esteem and in turn employers will be more attracted to you and your profile. All of these qualities are an incredibly important part of your job search process not only for you as a job seeker but for you as an individual. 

The free coaching is at the end of the programme so that we can maximise the benefits to you. The course is structured so that we are able to assess the information you have retained by comparing your “before and after” results. From there we can tailor our 1 hour coaching session specifically to you and your needs. 

The course takes a minimum of 45 hours however you are able to go through to course at your own pace. We expect that the majority of students will complete the programme within 1 month of commencement.

Our students have been winning jobs in as little as a week from the coaching session and we are currently enjoying a 90% success rate. Success, however, will ultimately be driven by you and the energy and time you put into achieving your dream job. 

Please note we are not just teaching you skills to find a job but we are helping you to carve a career for yourself, which takes time and planning.

Simply put, there are ALWAYS jobs out there! Just because it may not look like there’s jobs being advertised doesn’t mean to say there are no jobs at all! We will teach you the same techniques recruiters use to find the 80% of jobs that are never advertised and put together a job search strategy so that you stay on track.


learn the secrets

to job search success

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