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Personal Brand

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You will benefit from taking our Personal Brand course if:

  • You want to know how to make the most out of free business networks
  • You are currently having to scour the internet searching for jobs
  • You want to get noticed by the employers your want to work for
  • You want to leave a lasting impression on employers and recruiters so they don’t forget you
  • You would like to learn how to leverage your online presence

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By the end of this this course you will:

  • Be seen as the “go-to” person in your sector or field
  • You will automatically stand out by leveraging your experience and expertise online
  • Attract opportunities both inside and outside the workplace
  • Leave lasting impressions on employers and recruiters so they don’t forget your CV and materials in the future

Personal Brand is the buzzword of the minute but what does it mean exactly?

Employers and recruiters search social media for potential employees but with so much choice out there a lot of people are overlooked because of their online presence, or lack of.

LinkedIn is undeniably the biggest business networking platform with over 630 million users as of September 2019. The opportunities are immense however the majority of users don’t use it to its full capability and lack the knowledge to make it work for them… it’s not just for recruiters! Your social media profiles all work for or against you when it comes to your personal brand. They could really be the difference between being selected for a job or not.

We wrote an article on LinkedIn with regards to your CV and what it says about you (please click here). Every element to you, your CV, LinkedIn, portfolio and approach all builds a picture of who you are. If one element isn’t in line with the rest, then it diminishes the quality of your brand

We’ve put together a series of videos and guides to walk you through the process of updating your personal brand so that employers can find you on social media as well as guiding you through how to go about introducing yourself in the best possible way

If you want to take it further than just improving your Personal Brand, supercharge your job search with either the Expert or Expert Designer job search bundle to give your profiles a complete overhaul. As part of the package, you’ll work one on one with a recruiter to fine tune your details and coach you to success. Click here to view the details of our personal branding course in Dubai.

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