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Do you want to find a job, working for a company that recognise you, your achievements and the value you bring to an organisation? Welcome to AE Academy’s job search bundles. We have been successfully working with job seekers just like you teaching them how to stand out and be recognised, not just in their job search but in their careers too! After working with our coaches our clients walk away with a clear direction of what they have to achieve to reach their dream job goals.

Our job search bundles have been put together to help you understand your value, how to humanise the recruitment process, and give you the confidence to find a like-minded team that enhances your skills and creates job satisfaction. We will give you backstage insights into the inner workings of the recruitment process and how to circumnavigate your job search to find your cheerleaders.

Our job search bundles have been put together to cover every aspect of your current job search, we will also teach you how to use those skills to circumnavigate your career as well. The Expert Designer and Expert job search bundles include your own personal tailored 1-2-1 career coaching session with an expert. You will learn invaluable skills to take charge of your career to catapult you to success. 

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