AE Marketplace Introduction

Welcome to our AE Marketplace course via AE Academy!

Before you get into the course materials of how to construct your AE Marketplace page and advert, we wanted to give you an insight into why we have put this together, what you should expect and what we’re looking to achieve from your personal advert. 

Recruiting for any firm can be a very costly affair. As reported by the REC (Recruitment Confederation) a “wrong hire” can cost a business as much as £132,000 due to the accumulation of costs relating to training, loss in productivity and increased staff turnover. These “wrong hires” occur due to a break down in communication either from the hiring manager due to lack of thought in what they require or the job seekers’ inability to articulate their previous positions/strengths/added value. 

We see 1,000s of CVs every day and with less than 1% of applications making it to interview stage it’s time to demystify the recruitment process and start teaching job seekers exactly how to present themselves!!! The future of recruitment is going to look very different from what it does today with “working from home” becoming far more common. Hiring managers will be searching for individuals with entrepreneurial qualities who operate as a “business of one”, as we like to call it :-).

Unless the hiring manager works for a recruitment firm, searching for new employees will not be on their “to do” list. Most people absolutely hate recruitment, it’s admin intensive, monotonous, time consuming and takes them away from what they love, their actual job!! With 100s, even 1000s of applications to go through they do not have time to read every single word, so hiring managers skim through CVs, spending between 6-12 seconds on each document until they find someone who catches their eye!

It’s your job, as the job seeker, to compose a punchy, original, convincing career summary (as its the first paragraph a hiring manager reads) that demonstrates how much of an asset you could be to the hiring manager. 

Our AE Marketplace course is a great place to start plus you’ll be doing something proactive in your race to find your dream job!

Let’s get started!!