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Hayley Dyer


Hayley has worked in recruitment for over 20 years with world renowned, award winning companies, learning exactly what hiring managers want to see from a CV and supporting materials. Psychology plays the largest part in a job search, the asthetics and content need to send the right message so she’s put these courses together to help job seekers to not only get the best from their materials but to also mentally prepare them for the job search ahead.

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Your LinkedIn profile is an incredible sales tool that can bring opportunity not only in terms of your job search but your career. Once you understand your unique selling points and identify your personal brand you are better equipped to get yourself on social media so that you can find like-minded people. Or as we like to call it, find your “cheerleaders”. We believe that every individual is their own “business of one”, this means that you are your own marketing, PR and sales team.

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