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Course Description

  • Over 80% of jobs are not advertised online 
  • 42% of job seekers use job boards to find vacancies
  • Only 14.9% of hires are made from job boards

It is clear from those figures that traditional job searching techniques are not as successful as you may think. If you are finding you are not having success through a recruitment company either, where do you start?

Recruiters are trained how to go about finding the 80% of jobs which are not advertised. That being said, a recruitment company will not have every job on their books. We understand how difficult a job search can be so this course aims to teach job seekers the same techniques recruiters use 

After this course you will:

  • Understand what recruitment teams search for in your CV
  • Confidentally approach the right contacts in the companies you want to work for 
  • Approach your job search using successful recruitment methods 
  • Understand how a recruiter’s job board works and why their ATS Systems may block your application without you knowing
  • Stand out from your rivals

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