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Key Takeaways
Key Takeaways

By the end of this course you’ll be able to


Job searching is scary if you don’t know where to start. We’ll give you step by step instruction on how to search, track and keep on top of your search. Learn how to gain the inside track on innovative job searching techniques to get you seen by the companies you want to work for and take the fear and panic out of the experience

It is clear from those figures that traditional job searching techniques are not as successful as you may think. As a general rule, job seekers idea of searching for a job means applying for hundreds of jobs online which is the least effective way to search for a job. For a successful search you need to get creative and learn techniques that the recruiters have been using for decades to find those jobs

We understand how difficult a search can be without the right strategy in place. By the end of this course you’ll know exactly how to find the 80% of vacancies which are never advertised, have less competition and a higher application to interview conversion rate

Our reviews

Did you find the course useful?
“Yes, especially the CV writing section”
“I learnt a lot about the recruitment process from a recruiter point of view. Useful tips to update my resume and portfolio, as well as how to properly use LinkedIn for job search.”
“I’d never thought about the overall impression I was giving employers. This course has given me confidence to go about my job search in a completely different way and I’ve already received 3 interview requests”
“I’d never thought about the overall impression I was giving employers. This course has given me confidence to go about my job search in a completely different way and I’ve already received 3 interview requests”
“It’s simple and straight to the point”
“The CV Writing course was especially useful for me, especially the examples to illustrate points made in the course”
“The portfolio section was invaluable, I realise I wasn’t presenting my work in the best way. Thank you so much for putting the course together!”



Frequently Asked Questions

Will these courses work for me?

Currently it’s a known fact that less than 2% of applications make it to interview stage. There are numerous templates out there however without understanding how recruiters software works, what employers look for and how the selection process works it’s difficult to tailor materials to your advantage

We are unique by being the only recruitment company to give job seekers the inside scoop into what recruiters/HR teams have to work with. We have produced hours of videos, tutorials, guides and examples to show you exactly how everything works so that you’re as informed as you can be about the recruitment process and in turn using this information to your advantage.

Can you give me advice without taking a course?

Please view our advice section on our website. We post articles around career change, job search, your materials and more. However, if you are looking for advice from one of our team unfortunately that is only available to our paying customers. If you sign up to Employable Me, Employable Designer, Interview Coaching, Corona Call or Personal Career Coach you can book a chat with one of us directly via the career platform

How do I get in touch with my coach?

If you have questions or want your documents reviewed (ie resume, cover letter or social profiles) you’ll need to log into the platform at and once you have completed the modules you’ll be able to book a slot with one of the team and have numerous options to connect with us

On average the turnaround on responses can take up to 2 business days and we don’t work on weekends so please bear this in mind.

What’s the difference between “Employable me” and “employable Designer”?

We want these courses to be open to anyone, not just people in the design industry so we have produced complete packages that reflect your job role and industry

Employable Me – Combines CV Writing, Job Search and Personal Brand courses

Employable Designer – Combines CV Writing, Job Search, Personal Brand and Portfolio courses which is aimed at people in the design industry. We give suggestions of what employers are looking for and what information you should and shouldn’t include

We teach tried and tested award winning recruitment techniques that have worked for successful recruitment companies for years. Our aim is for each user to learn these techniques so they don’t need to be solely reliant on recruitment companies or job boards. Our belief is that every job seeker should have the tools to be able to market themselves effectively and be their own “business of one”.

Can I take a course if i’m not in architecture or design?

Absolutely! Our consultants span the construction industry however the fundamentals remain the same of how to market yourself effectively

Our Sales and Recruitment trainer, Maria Stevens has works across multiple sectors for over 20 years and the same principles apply

We have purposefully made them open to all industries so that as many people can benefit as possible

Can you find me a job afterwards?

Due to the current global crisis with coronavirus the recruitment industry has taken a massive hit. It is still early days and we are unsure how this will affect the recruitment side of our business however our clients have put jobs on hold for now

Regardless of the current situation we believe that every job seeker should be treating themselves as their own “business of one” whether they’re working on their own or for a big corporate. We feel that each individual should be aware of their strengths and their own personal brand to enable their own career growth

Can I still take the course if English isn’t my first language?

Yes, we have translated the courses into hundreds of languages so you can understand the content in your native language

How do the personal coaching sessions work?

As soon as payment is made you’ll be transferred to a page to book your session with one of our coaches. They will get in touch with you to find out exactly what you’d like to cover ahead of the session and will prepare content specific to your own personal needs

Where can I find out what the course includes?

On every course page you’ll see a list of modules covered at the bottom of each page


learn the secrets

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