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What you’ll get in the Expert package

One of the secrets to a successful job search is that you learn about yourself, learn your strengths, how to tailor your details to the jobs you’re applying to and be able to do that over and over again. You are your own sales and marketing team and your own “business of one” so you need to show the world that. If your details haven’t hit the mark yet, that’s ok, we’ll take you on a journey of discovery…….

CV Basics

We’ll give you the inside track into the ATS System and how colours and images play a role in the overall impression you give the reader. First impressions count and some colours, fonts and fancy editing can consciously or subconsciously put the reader off especially if you’re in the design industry.

CV Content

“Content is king” – Bill Gates. He’s not wrong, the majority of CVs read exactly the same “motivated individual with a proven track record..”, if every CV reads the same how do you choose? Well you choose the person who can effectively demonstrate their talent and that’s what this course is all about, identifying your specific unique qualities and piece the peaces of your puzzle together in a way that appeals to employers. 

Grade your Linkedin Black and Yellow

CV Templates

We provide templates that have been tried and tested with employers for over 20 years and they love them! They’ve all been tested with our own ATS system and they all received 100% pass rate


CV Feedback

Everyone needs feedback and that’s what we’re here for. Once you send your updated CV over to us we will come back to you within a day of receiving your CV with a re-write. We’ll give you honest written feedback on your CV with improved sentence construction and any suggestions we feel you would benefit from. 

Grade your Linkedin Black and Yellow

Grade your LinkedIn

Find out your true LinkedIn ranking and how you fair against your competition as well as ways to improve it to rank higher in searches.

Optimise linkedin Black and Yellow

Optimise your LinkedIn

Linkedin is one of THE most under utilised social media platforms. Out of their 630 million users only 1 million use it for it’s intended purpose. An optimised LinkedIn profile generates inbound job opportunities as well as ranks your profile higher on LinkedIn, Google and other web search sites which all culminates to making it easier for recruiters, HR teams and employers to find you and approach you with positions. We’ll take you on a video tour of how to do this

LinkedIn Checklist Black and Yellow

LinkedIn checklist

To make it simple for you we have provided a checklist so that you can build your personal brand and direct more traffic and interest to your profile

Job Search Black and yellow

Job Search

Now you’ve got an amazing CV and LinkedIn profile we need to find YOU that JOB! Learn how to find the jobs you’re looking for directly from the experts, recruiters! Say goodbye to sending out 1,000s of emails with no response and welcome to the 21st century job search 

1-2-1 Career Coaching 25-8-20

1-2-1 Career Coaching

This really is the secret sauce to your job search. We’ll give you 1-2-1 personal career coaching that is completely tailored to YOU. Everyone is different, some people need directing and told what to do, others need support to know they’re great at what they do. Each session is designed to bring the best out of you so that you can put the best version of you into your job search to help build your 

Promotion Black and Yellow


Once you’re ready to get yourself out there we’ll help you to promote you and your amazing skills. Our social network followers span over 100,000 people so we’ll do all we can to help you find a role you’re looking for



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