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The Employable Me course is simple, it’s a complete Job Seekers course combining all our individual courses, CV Writing, Job Search and Personal Brand.  Take this course if you would like:

  • Complete guide to writing your winning CV
  • Create a LinkedIn profile that sells itself
  • Learn how to find the 80% of jobs that aren’t advertised
  • Build and understand your target market
  • Check to make sure your CV goes through an ATS System
  • PLUS a personal One to One coaching session with Hayley Dyer

We will make sure you’re on your job seeking “A” game, not just for your current job search but we’ll teach you the skills you can use for years to come!

Hayley personally works with each individual so therefore she can only accept a limited number and works on a first-come, first-serve basis. If this product shows “Out of Stock” please message directly for future availability

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Key Takeaways

By the end of this this course you will have learnt:

  • Everything in our CV Writing Course
  • Everything in our Job Search Course
  • Everything in our Personal Brand Course
  • The answers as to why your job search didn’t work before
  • PLUS one of our team members with over 20 years experience will have made sure you understand every element of your search, that you’re doing it correctly and you can confidently build a winning personal brand where opportunities come to you


The Employable Me course has been designed for the year 2020 job seeker. The recruitment world has changed a tremendous amount in the past 10 years. Technology has come on leaps and bounds with the recruitment industry now employing Artificial Intelligence technology. This has been very much needed with 1 live job receiving anywhere between 250-600 applications. Just to give you an idea one recruiter will have around 50 live jobs at any one time. That means between 12,500 – 30,000 CVs to go through.

Unfortunately, for job seekers this means they are in a race they no nothing about. The majority of CVs are either not compelling enough to be selected or in a moment of panic people apply to jobs the employer would never consider that individual for. This not only wastes valuable time in the job search but it can potentially hinder future applications to that employer. When HR and recruitment teams are going through that many applications they can get themselves into a “find a fault” mindset. However, through taking this course and building your personal brand you’ll become more marketable, generating more interest in your profile. Individuals who are aware of their complete personal brand (employable me course addresses all points) rarely find themselves out of work because they understand their market

Employable Me is the most thorough job seekers course we have and ensures recruitment teams have no reason to reject your application. It combines CV Writing, Personal Brand and Job Search Courses. Also, to complete the course you have access to a one on one coaching session with one of our consultants to fine tune your details, coaching you to success.

Employable Me is built on the same platform as the other courses, full of videos, guides and illustrations. It details what employers look for in a new employee as well as a coaching session so that you can get personal feedback and guidance

Become an Employable Me, today!

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