Corona Call with Me


Corona Call with Me

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This is a straightforward one on one, face to face, 1 hour video call. I will advise you exactly what you need to focus on as a job seeker, why you may not have been selected for jobs so far and what you can do about it.


  • 1 x 1hr video call
  • Advice with your job search, CV, Linkedin, personal brand, job applications, interview techniques, portfolio presentation, introductions and other job search advice we can give

NOTE: I only speak English so calls will be in English

As scary as these times may be we see this as an opportune moment for job seekers.

It’s well documented that only  2% of job applications ever make it to interview stage so in light of this we would advise job seekers not to apply to jobs before taking time out to focus on their CVs, Linkedin profiles, portfolios and social media/personal brands….let’s raise that awful application to interview statistic!

Our hope is that more applications make it through through to interview stage, so on that note, we have set up one on one, face to face video call sessions to help you with your CV, Linkedin, Job Applications, Interview techniques and whatever else you need help with

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