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Looking for work? Advertise your profile on AE Recruitment’s website as part of your job search. To help you get noticed we’ve created a step by step course so that you are selling yourself to the best of your ability. Once you have completed the course you will be able to advertise your details on AE Recruitment’s Marketplace page where employers go to search for available staff.


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By the end of this this course you will:

  • Write a winning summary.
  • Gain FREE signup to AE Marketplace and advertise your profile to potential employers
  • Grab an employers attention and leave them wanting to know more

In this competitive market, it’s imperative to grab the readers attention and impress them from the outset. In this FREE course learn what sets you apart from your competition and gain an insight into the recruitment world. Also, signup to AE Marketplace so that you can advertise your details to employers when they’re ready to recruit again.

Job seekers who rush to send out their materials out often don’t really how damaging their lack of attention to their profile can be. If you’re not hearing back from recruiters and employers you’ve written the same as 99.7% of the other job applications which won’t get a callback for an interview. 

We’re all having to adapt, change and learn new things in these difficult times. Let’s teach you what a good summary can do for your AE Marketplace profile

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