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Why AE Academy?

School teaches us everything EXCEPT how to get a job. Knowing how to conduct a job search properly is a skill and a skill you need to take control of and teach yourself. 
  Career coaches and traditional CV Writers cost anywhere between $100 to $1,000s and you’re no better off. We are different as we have a background in recruitment which is entirely results driven and we keep our fingers on the pulse of what employers want. AE Academy is the 1st online career coaching platform that’s affordable to every job seeker plus you’ll learn skills and expertise that drive RESULTS

Meet Hayley

AE Academy founder, Hayley Dyer has over 20 years experience in Recruitment, Executive Search and Coaching throughout the UK and Middle.
  She founded AE Academy to give insight, guidance and education to the everyday job seeker to help them succeed with their job search.
  Having successfully worked with 1,000s of job seekers finding them work in world class business’s. She’s highly experienced and knowledgeable about what employers are looking for and what job seekers need to do to achieve career success

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We want you to have access to the best career coaching at an affordable price. That’s why we have plans to fit your needs




One off payment


CV + Linkedin


One off payment


CV + Linkedin + Job Search + 1-2-1 Coach


One off payment

Expert Designer

CV + Linkedin + Job Search + portfolio + 1-2-1 Coach

"design industry only"


One off payment


Hafez testimonial


The course was extremely useful for me. I knew that my job search and approach was not really giving me any results, and in fact, I was looking for someone to help me fine tuning my CV, portfolio and approach. Luckily, I stumbled upon website and realized that you have courses on almost everything that I was looking for. From CV basics, ATS/Application tracking system, CV images, colours and templates, all the way to how you can write your summary, keywords & phrases, professional history, CV length and layout and CV template. and that's why I signed up for the most comprehensive course available to fix my CV and portfolio in a professional way.

Craig Director who's taken the course


I'd never thought about the overall impression I was giving employers. This course has given me confidence to go about my job search in a completely different way and I've already received 3 interview requests

Ahmed Mohammed Testimonial picture
Ahmed Mohammed

Structural Engineer

I learnt a lot about the recruitment process from a recruiter point of view. Useful tips to update my resume and portfolio, as well as how to properly use LinkedIn for job search

Pamela testimonials homepage

Flight attendant

The CV sector was the most beneficial to me, the way you've presented your info and the examples given, the value of the CV look from the recruiter point of view.

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