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There’s no doubt about it, employers and recruiters have had to become more streamlined when searching through CVs. When our recruitment arm, AE Recruitment advertises a position they receive between 250-600 applications. Time is of the essence when it comes down to recruitment and it’s not possible for either an employer or recruiter to read every single word in your CV so they scan for information.  Employers and Recruiters work in a slightly different manner when going through hundreds of applications however they both read your summary! If you’re unsure what someone is looking for in your summary it could be the end of your chance with that employer but that doesn’t mean to say that you weren’t suitable for the position, you just weren’t able to tell them that in a way that made you stand out.
  This “FREE fix my summary” has been designed to extract the information you need to put together a strong CV Summary that can be just what you need to help your CV stand out initially. To help you build a great CV we have also given you options in the course to fix the rest of your CV with our paid CV Writing course plus an option to advertise your winning CV Summary to employers on AE Recruitment’s Marketplace, at the end.